Wall Decals July 19 2015

At the moment I am living in a rented flat while my grown up flat is being built.  While renting has its perks ( like calling someone else when a drain blocks! ) I do really hate not being able to make the space my own in terms of hanging art on the walls.  A few bad experiences in my youth with "no more nails" has ensured a healthy fear in me of rented walls and so I have retired my drill until I own my own walls.  

So a few years ago I saw a wall decal advertised, bought myself one and tried it out and have been a super fan ever since.  Easy to put on ( even the handy-challenged Debbie can place them!) and so easy to remove - simply peel off - this is the perfect solution to bland walls. 

At We Heart This we had to stock wall decals and managed to find two fantastic suppliers - My Wall Tattoos and Hello Dolly - who supply us with a range we hand selected. This week we were thrilled to add some new designs from Hello Dolly to our little store ; a few gorgeous patterns and some sweet Afrikaans quotes. 

In the past we have only stocked these decals in greys, white and black but this month we added 4 of our favourite colours to the range: Gold, Silver, Mint and Coral Pink.  We heart them!

Included in our new items are three prints we absolutely love, anchors, hearts ( obviously ) and swiss cross.  We love that you can style these however you like - up close or further apart.  I'm using the swiss crosses on an accent wall in my new flat.  

Finally we were excited to check out the addition of two Afrikaans quotes.  Love them!

From just R290 our entire range can be viewed here: http://www.we-heart-this.com/collections/wall-decals