We Heart Boards July 12 2015

One of our first ever products was our bamboo boards from the talented Royal Simple Sheep Team.  We loved the quirky shapes and the heart details and immediately insisted they supply us with a wider range - some exclusively cut for us.  We loved the quality and the price and even now almost three years later they are some of our best sellers. 

Royal Simple Sheep started us on a search for more gorgeous boards we could add to our collection.  We managed to source a wide range from another two fabulous South African talents; Coca & Africa and Moko.  

Be it oak, recycled wood, bamboo or pine - these boards are made by hand in SA and we think they add some magic to any table.  We've also been packaging up and sending these off to loads of companies who are using them as corporate gifts - great idea- wish we had thought of that ourselves! If you want to know more about our discounted bulk orders you can mail us on weheartmail@gmail.com.

Interested in any of our boards take a look at our range here.  We hope you like them as much as we do.