Just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's ugly. June 05 2016

I have a constant battle between sourcing cost effective jewellery, and trying to make sure that it is still great quality and something I would love to wear.  We Heart This tries super hard to manage that balance and strive to keep costs down.  I'm guessing I'm not the only one bogged down in a bond and bills every month.

One thing we have found works well to keep costs down, is sourcing jewellery that is plated rather than solid sterling silver or gold .  As long as the plating has been done well, my plated jewellery is still going strong after 2 years of wear. (Obviously this is just the ones I have tested - I'm sure the results could vary ).  At a fraction of the cost, our We Heart This range is all gold, silver or rose gold plated and allows us to help ourselves and our clients to count their pennies by keeping the costs as low as possible.  At the same time it mustn't look cheap. 


What it means for you? Beautiful trendy jewellery that is cost effective.  Many of our rings and earrings are as little as R150 or less.  Bargain in my opinion. 

For many who love solid jewellery we do have many ranges that are sterling silver or gold.  Starbright Girl is just one of our suppliers whose range we absolutely love.  Worth forking out a bit more for her handmade beauties which range from R290 if you are looking for sterling silver. 

Whether it's a piece to keep forever, or a trendy jewellery piece to be worn for a few years - we hope to cover both in our little online store.  Happy shopping friends.